Thursday, March 31, 2011


Hey CopWives and Everyone Else!
Just a couple of quick reminders: that "F" icon in the top right corner of the blog means that SUDDENLY COP WIFE is on FACEBOOK!

If you want to find me quickly, just click on:¬if_t=group_admin

And join the group!

Also...I've noticed quite a few of you signing up for EBATES. In order to start saving, the next time you go online to order anything...go to EBATES first, then type in the site...I just went to EBATES, then typed in ITUNES, Ebates brought me over to the Itunes Site, I bought some music, and made money back!

How cool is that?

AND---here's how crazy we are in America---the MISSING COBRA now has a Twitter Site!
So the deadly Cobra no one can find in the Bronx is tweeting!
I love it!

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