Friday, April 29, 2011


Since texting is often the way that Roc and I have to communicate while he's out there on the job, I thought he was just being funny last night when he texted me:


I laughed and thought, He's still on that one, huh?

Little did I know that he had a real-life incident that called for that quote right in the heart of SoB. In the middle of his shift last night, Roc gets a call for a family dispute. They arrive to the call to find a twenty-year old son arguing with his mother. The two were screaming at each other, and Roc and his partner had to work hard to separate them before they came to blows. Once they sent each one to their corner (Ding! Ding!) the story began to unfold.

Mother: "I don't want him arrested, Officers, I just want my two dollars back."
Roc: "Son, can you give your mother back her two dollars?"
Son: "Screw her! She gives her stupid boyfriend seventy, eighty dollars any time he asks! I'm not giving you back your money, and I'm not giving you back your cell phone!"
Mother: "I sent him down to the corner (bodega) and told him to pick me up green beans. I should have two dollars in change. I WANT MY TWO DOLLARS!!!!"

Now, who knows what the history is between these two---it really doesn't matter---the point is that Roc and his partner got the kid to surrender the cell phone and the two dollars. They talked the mother down off her particular ledge, and she decided not to press charges. The kid ended up leaving for a while to "walk it off," and I received a text.

All in a night's work, I suppose!
Somehow, even though it's not really funny...I found myself thinking about the Paper Boy Stalker yet again...and I laughed.
I couldn't help myself.

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  1. I think, sometimes it's good to laugh. Healthy even. Cops develop this sick kind of humor I've notices and it tends to rub off on me :-)
    Laughing with you.


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