Monday, May 2, 2011


...the witch is dead! The Wicked Witch is Dead!
If you can remember this jubilant refrain from the timeless movie The Wizard Of Oz, you can imagine how many New Yorkers feel this morning. I would take a wild guess and say that most New Yorkers found out last night---whether they were up or not---I'm quite sure somebody woke them, and they awoke again this morning only to find out that the news that Osama Bin Laden was dead, was in fact, really real.
I feel happy for the 9/11 families that lost a loved one that fateful day. Will it help bring back their loved ones? No...but it may help them to feel may give them a little piece of closure...they may feel as if there is still some justice in the world...and I am happy for them because of it...I'm quite sure I'll shed some tears today, as they play and replay footage of 9/11, and then the reactions to the current news, a victory for America.
I will remain thrilled but cautious.

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