Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And All That Jazz

Since we were just out in Coronado, California...we got a chance to see the Navy Seals doing drills on the beach right by our hotel. One night, as we sat on the beach eating S'Mores by a campfire, we saw a helicopter hovering over the water for what seemed like hours. Roc has always been a big fan of the Navy Seals, and as we watched in awe, we thought about the fact that we got to sit on the beach and eat S'Mores---simply because of those fearless fighters flying just overhead.

We are a fortunate people, us Americans!

As for Roc: I haven't seen him. He's been in training the past two days, and interestingly enough, I was able to find out that the training he took yesterday was originated by the Navy Seals. He told me this briefly last night, somewhere between his head hitting the pillow and the cacophony of snoring.

I am going into The City today, so I will see first-hand the reactions of my friends and neighbors. I will report back to you: posthaste.


  1. Truely FORTUNATE!!Looking forward to your post :)

  2. Monica:
    Would love to see some LOUD and PROUD thoughts on today's post...!!
    :) XO
    SCW Stella


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