Thursday, April 14, 2011

Not So Fast

They grab her and stuff her back in the car. To hear Roc tell it, she wasn't but two feet out of the car before they apprehended her and took her in, but...he was pissed. Ivan was pissed.
This kid was really turning into a difficult case.
After catching and arresting her, Rocco decided to add another charge to her ever-growing pile of transgressions: attempted escape.
Like I said, Roc was pissed.
The problem was that he wasn't the only one.
By the time they get back to the House, their situation has become known throughout the precinct. The Brass goes nuts. They decide they want to suspend Roc for losing a perp. Apparently, this is a huge deal within the NYPD. Roc tries to state his case: he didn't lose her, she literally just stepped out of the car, they got her right back in there.
The Brass is pissed.
To add to a fun time had by all: Ivan gets even more pissed.
Now, let me just say this: by this time, I had met Ivan a couple of times. I liked him. I had no reason to dislike him, and I believed that he would always have my husband's back. They were partners; I thought they were a team.
That night in the locker room, Ivan begins berating Rocco with an intensity that seemed to me a little over the top considering what had actually transpired. They get into an argument, Roc apologizes, but nothing seems to appease him. Even though they were both on the call, he seems to think the entire event is Roc's fault, and has no problem laying the blame solely at his feet. He doesn't like the idea of being called into the office of the Police Brass, (who does?) and decides to make this crystal clear to Rocco.
Roc arrives home both defeated and deflated.
When I ask him what's wrong he doesn't want to talk.
I decide to give him time.

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