Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It started out as a routine call.
It's late when Rocco and Ivan get a call for a missing girl. As they go to the apartment to question the family, I can imagine that they're both thinking about the end of their tour, and hoping that what might just be another runaway is not something that becomes something sticky or tricky. The mother is beside herself, and after a few rounds of questions, her brother decides to tell them that he knows where she is...she's staying with her father.
Who just happens to be a crack head.
They go to get the girl, to pick her up and return to her mother. When they arrive at the father's place, the kid is no where to be found. They search and eventually find her hiding under a bed.
For whatever reason, this kid would rather stay with the drug-addicted father than go back to the mother who is looking for her...words are exchanged, things begin to get a little heated, and then this young girl begins mouthing off full-tilt boogie to Roc and Ivan. She won't go.
The next thing you know, she's come out swinging. In a torrent of emotion, she begins to fight with both Roc and Ivan. Call him old-fashioned, but Roc is still always slightly amazed by the hard time the young girls will give them. I think he expects it more from the boys. They're still trying to reason with her, but it's a no-go. They have no choice but to put handcuffs on her and then stuff her in the back of the car.
She's still screaming, mouthing off, showing them just how tough she is, when she somehow manages to jump out the other side of the car.

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