Monday, May 16, 2011


For those of you who haven't figured it out yet, I'll spell it out for you: I have a twisted sense of humor. Yesterday, hubby was off (On a SUNDAY!) and we had a brunch to go to in Union Square. After Brunch, there was a street fair going on, so we wandered around a little, and once we found this sign, I couldn't resist sharing!


  1. LOL. I love the name Stella btw. Maybe I've already told you that. We thought of that name for our daughter, but decided in the end that it would sound funny with our last name. Oh well.

  2. I love it too!
    AND...let me give you credit for deeply considering the first name/last name dance...when I worked in NYC, I used to work with a guy named HARRY HARRISON.
    Now tell me he didn't get beat up on the playground!!


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