Friday, June 17, 2011

Jumping the Gun

While Rocco was inside his precinct last night, he saw a line forming in the waiting area and decided to jump in and help out, see if there was anybody he could help get a form or direct to the right person before he went on to his next task.

He asked one person if they needed help and was told that they were already being helped. He turned to see a fifty-something woman sitting next to what appeared to be a kid in his late teens.

"Are you two together?" He indicated the woman and the kid, about to ask who was first or if he could help someone, or both of them.

"JUST BECAUSE WE ALL LOOK ALIKE doesn't automatically mean we're together!" The woman blasted him.

He looked her in the eye and said, "Ma'am, I was just trying to help."
He shook his head, turned on his heel, and walked away.

1 comment:

  1. Some people can be so rude. The older I get the more I prefer my dogs :)


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