Thursday, June 16, 2011


Since government waste is on every one's mind right now, and the general public has an interest in the way different bureaucracies are spending their tax dollars, I figured I would chime in with something I found funny.

Last week, Roc and three other police officers were sent from their Bronx precinct to help out in Brooklyn. This happens from time to time, as NYC is home to so many events throughout the year, and Roc is rather used to it. The only problem was that there were no cars left to take out of the precinct. Therefore, they were instructed to take the trains and buses.

For those of you not from the NYC area: the Bronx is not right next to Brooklyn. Roc ended up taking two different trains and a bus; all in all it took them two and a half hours to show up at said detail.

I enjoyed chiding him; wasn't it fun to be a transit cop, if only for a couple of hours? He didn't laugh.

Inefficiency? You decide.


  1. Agreed. I've got another inefficiency for ya, Chancho also works in the Bronx and sometimes can't go out to do his required home visits because there aren't any cars available.
    Does the Bronx have a shortage of cars??

  2. I will tell you that Manhattan seems to get the goods...?
    Oh, to be Queen for a Day!
    ;) Stella


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