Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Side Job

Most Policemen and Fire Fighters tend to have something that we here in New York call a "side job"---one in which they can actually make some money! I know that the Department generally does not care what you do in your off time, as long as it doesn't affect your time on their clock, and so long as it doesn't bring disgrace to said Department.

The other day, somebody asked me about Rocco's family business. I informed them that he was still working there on his days off of the NYPD.

"How the hell does he do that?" And after that, a look of surprise.

"Carefully." It's a juggling act. Depending on the rotation, there are times when Rocco will not have a full day off work for a couple of weeks in a row. Granted, it's a different kind of where he can take a coffee break when he wants to, and one when he doesn't have to feel on high alert at all times.

But it's still many of your Cops work a side or second job? And what is it they do? If you're a cop reading this, how do you feel about having to supplement your pay?


  1. Chancho works a "side job" working at a deli. He loves the change of pace. However, he does not love having to work 5am - 10pm. He goes straight from being a cop to a deli man.

  2. No side jobs for us, and rarely do officers in this department get/need one. Pay is exceptional and unless it's a temp security gig, it's really frowned upon. With only 100,000k in the community, the officers are well known and the appearance of conflict of interest is just too big an issue.

  3. TM: I hear ya! When Rocco tells me he's tired, I always say, "Really? I've never heard you say that before..."
    Then I wink.
    And: Wow, Meadow, I find it so sad and amazing that the NYPD is supposed to be the "best in the biz" and yet...their pay is one of the least, and therefore most of the side jobs are a normal part of life in the NYC area...of course, it costs a TON to live here, and that's also a part of it.
    I'm glad your cop is getting paid what he deserves!!
    :) Stella

  4. No side job for CA Cop. Here in CA they are generous with the police officers as far as pay and retirement, although there are some trying to change that!


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