Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This and That

I usually use the SCW Facebook page to rant about various things...feel free to connect with me on FB if you haven't already...but today I figured I'd rant a little here too.
I realize that a lot of people in Law Enforcement are either not on FB or want to protect their real identity, so I get it! Therefore, here's my latest rant:

There was yet another incident at a Starbucks regarding my husband's partner: once again, a COP IN FULL UNIFORM was told that if he was not ready to purchase something, he could leave. He was also denied use of the bathroom, unless of course he was willing to purchase something.


I don't know about other municipalities, but I know for sure that a cop in full uniform is not only allowed but generally welcome to use the restrooms at any NYC establishment; no questions asked. WHAT may I ask is going on at Starbucks?! My husband's incident happened at a Starbucks in the Bronx; this latest incident was in Manhattan; and I am stunned because I cannot believe that the corporate culture there is one that doesn't support law enforcement.

I am not calling for a boycott, but let me just say that Dunkin Donuts, Cosi, and the like have been getting all of my business as of late.


NEXT on the agenda: I have been reading a continuation of a book I read last summer. It's a light read with two of my favorite things intertwined: Dogs and Cops! If you're looking for something cute that includes a talking dog and an NYPD detective, check out the Dog Walker Series by Judi McCoy. FUN!


LAST but certainly not least: I am soliciting prayers for a sick friend. Anyone who thinks about it and is willing, I would like to ask you to offer up a prayer for my friend who is battling cancer. No names needed...God knows who she is!


  1. Wow, I'd be livid if any establishment treated officers like that! I live in Seattle and know quite a few people that work at the HQs; I'll pass that info along. It's unacceptable! The Starbucks around here *adore* our officers. They love it when the boys in blue visit; free security for awhile!

    I'll keep your friend in my prayers, as well.

  2. Thanks so much Lisa!
    XO Stella


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