Monday, June 13, 2011

CopWife Life

The text came over at 11:40 pm: Be a little late, on shots fired. OOC.
OOC, for those of you who need translation: Out Of Control.
At 12:08: I began texting back: U OK? Lemmeno ASAP.
At 12:14: OK here, be home soon

That's thirty-four minutes in limbo, any cop wives out there who can relate?

This morning I found out about people toting guns and shell casings found at a baby shower.



  1. my hubby was like 4 hours late the other night because of a homicide. I never did reach him during this time. Talk about worried to death!

  2. This is the part people don't see...

  3. The feeling of the unknown is the worst. Whenever Mr. has to head in on a night off it makes me worry. Whenever he is late I wonder if he is ok. When he doesn't respond to my text or return my call I pray.

    With my husbands rank we always have a target on our backs. Its just the way it is.

    Something that helps me is I have a special craft project I do when Im worried. Something that needs my full attention and helps me to relax. Crafts are my out but Im sure if you found a good book, tv show, project or even a friend to laugh with it will help :)

  4. That's gotta be tough to be worried in times like this. While I'm not a worrier, I am glad to see that so many of you have creative ideas for how to get through the wait. It will get better the longer he serves and avoids injury. I never worry these days, even on the SWAT calls. I just don't believe he's going to be killed in the line of duty.

  5. I can totally relate! For this reason, Hubs and I set up a system: with every text, he sends okay/not okay. So instead of getting, "Gonna be late, shots fired" he sends, "Gonna be late, shots fired, okay." It makes a heck of a difference while you're waiting to find out what happened.

  6. So Lisa, have you ever had a "shots fired/not ok" msg? Whatever would you do? YIKES!

  7. Well, I must thank you all for the good advice...I had another Cop Wife once say to me:
    "He's not going to get killed in the Bronx." She told me that they had an ongoing joke at their house; that her husband would walk out the door and get run over by a bus before he got killed in the line of duty. Now, she was joking, but I get the idea of not even thinking it...not believing it...and I am almost's just that some nights are tougher than others!
    :) SCW Stella

  8. @Stella - we have a similar thing, but he tells me to quickly throw his uniformed body over the mailbox, so he was "protecting government property" at his demise. ;)

  9. Meadow! You just made me LOL---really!
    :) XO Stella

  10. @Meadow - I've had "got in a fight; bleeding" before. I'm pretty sure my response was, "...from where?!" Love the mailbox story!


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