Thursday, July 28, 2011

CopWife Characteristics

Last night I was getting ready for bed and I realized that perhaps my friends that aren't involved with Cops might think I am strange for the rituals I participate in before leaping into bed and waiting through sleep for the sound of the garage door opening.
Every night, I make sure my cell phone is fully charged and I line it up right next to my home phone, on my bedside table, just a few inches from my ear...the same nightstand that is currently overflowing with a mountain of various books has a permanent spot reserved for both phones to be within easy reach. I also check to make sure the outside light is on, and even though the timer would have turned it off already, I turn it back on until Roc gets home.
Keep in mind that he had already called...his tour was over, and he was on his way home.
No matter.
I have my weird little things that I just have to do.
The other day, I had to go to that awful place that women who don't have children loathe to go to: Babies R Us. I was there to pick up a quick baby gift for a co-worker, but I still felt compelled to sift through at least seventeen different racks to see if they had any Baby Police Gear. I spied FDNY...hmmm...but no NYPD!
I gather other women don't hunt and gather quite the same.
So I'm asking: what do you do that defines you as a Police Wife? Do you have any nervous habits that other people may not understand? Or do you shy away from it, as if it's any other job, and try to blend? I would like to say that I've picked up some quirky habits ever since he became a cop, but the truth is...I've always been quirky.


BTW: is a great source for some funny Police Baby Gear!


  1. Like you, I was already pretty weird from being a Marine - I sleep with a KaBar (big old badass Marine Corps fighting knife) between the mattress and box spring (handle out, blade in). Of course, this isn't just when he's gone, but all the time. Just a habit I suppose.

    In general, whatever gets you through the night!!!!

  2. Meadow:
    I love it! You are one kick-ass CW! :)
    XO Stella

  3. I noticed the lack of PD gear for kids. That's okay, it'll be their Dad that is brought in for show and tell on career day & first responder's day, way cooler!

    I think I'm over my rituals. Except, if I wake up in the morning and he's not home from night shift still but doesn't answer his personal or work cell, I become very worried. Usually he texts to let me know if he is caught up with work.

    Holidays like NYE, Halloween & 7/4 always make me nervous because of previous experiences.

  4. I worry on every holiday; domestic incidents tend to shoot up and emotions seem to erupt every time a Bing Crosby record is played!
    ;) Stella

  5. Stella, that reminds me of when the neighbor came over and wanted the husband to help (off-duty) because her brother was locked in the closet threatening to hurt himself. Why the h*ll the husband went I have no idea (he did have me call it in first) but I was SICK with worry over that. No vest, no sidearm, no nothing. THAT SUCKED!!!! You're totally right about domestics.


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