Friday, July 29, 2011

Another Wedding No-No

For those of you who have been reading along with me all the while, you might recall a little story I posted on several dates in December 2010: The Wedding. It seems when weddings are involved, we are doomed as a couple, all thanks of the NYPD.
We just found out that friends of ours are getting married on the same day as Roc's Sergeant's Exam this Autumn. Which wouldn't be a big deal if they were getting married locally, but once again, the wedding is in another state. Now, this time it's Connecticut and not Florida, but it still seems near impossible that we'll be able to be there. I've already tried to juggle it all out in my head: If Roc gets done with the exam by X time, and we can get in the car by X time, and we don't hit any traffic at all whatsoever, and he can change in the get the picture.
I'm just not willing to do it again.
It seems we will be sending a nice gift and our best wishes.


  1. aww what a bummer! Is there any way you can go alone (or want to)? We had two weddings this summer and I wasn't sure my hubs would make either. He just finished FTO and is really low on the totem pole for requesting time off or shift changes. He ended up getting super lucky and his schedule worked and he made both weddings. But it was down to the wire and our RSVP was that super annoying "maybe" which I HATED to do. I'm relieved we only have one more wedding in our future this year. It's too stressful worrying that if we rsvp yes and he gets called in I'll feel terrible for the bride and all the planning. Bleck!

  2. After the Christening Nightmare, I am less willing to go to these big events on my own...I often go to dinners alone, friend's Bday parties, etc...but we shall see. I am not fully decided yet. I guess my point is: it's always something!!
    :) Stella


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