Monday, August 1, 2011

Right Back At Ya

Not sure about other police municipalities, but Rocco is often filmed while at work: the perps take great joy in holding their cell phone cameras out and catching film of any standard arrest, ticket, or other interaction with the police. They usually jeer and get in the cop's face, trying to provoke something they can get on tape, and perhaps sue the city, or at the very least, post their "proof" that all cops are evil on YouTube. These do-gooders will also sometimes take picture after picture, all the while trying to cause a disturbance between the police and the general population.

From what Roc says, this is constant and annoying, and it perpetuates the ill will between the residents and the police in his neighborhood.
But last night was different. After a recent (read: yet another) shooting in Roc's precinct neighborhood, he and his partner were assigned to hang out on a notorious corner and watch for developing madness. As they were doing so, they decided to have a little fun with the usual group that assembles on said corner: periodically, they would aim their cameras outside their window and pretend to be shooting film or taking pictures of their regular customers. It was a slow night, so as they did so, they would then pretend to be comparing notes and trading pics with all eyes on them. Soon, the various punks that populate the corner were putting their shirts over their faces, and then eventually skulking off, wanting to be far away from the camera's watchful eye. They seemed bewildered by the tables being turned, and then...frantic to get away.
Needless to say, Roc and his partner had a good laugh.


  1. An ounce of prevention! No shootings on that block for a few hours...

  2. I LOL'ed this one for a few...
    :) Stella


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