Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Local Rag

Every city's got one: the local rag that you grab because it's free, or because you forgot to grab a book or magazine for the train. We have one in NYC that I'll pick up on and off. It's called AMNY.
The other day, I was reading one on the train and I had to laugh. They have a section called "Overheard," and it's generally a quote that someone heard on a random NYC street, and it's usually quite humorous.

In the August 1st edition, the "Overheard" quote was:

"Arrest me! Please! I'll be your first of the day! You'll get a bonus!"
---Drunk girl to cop outside Penn Station at 4:45 AM.

As if! I love it! As we are wont to say...only in New York, people, only in New York!

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