Thursday, July 7, 2011


Some of you will recognize the above logo as the initials of one of Fox News Channel's Biggest Stars: The GB stands for Glenn Beck.

Some of you only listen to, watch, and generally imbibe the Fox News Channel.
Some of you wouldn't turn the Fox News Channel on if it was the last television channel on Earth.

It's Polarizing.
Like Rachael Ray. Or Martha Stewart. Or...Hillary Clinton.
Enough said. I'm mentioning this because Fox News Channel did a good thing on the Fourth of July. The Fox News Channel and its parent company, News Corporation, have a rather big NYC Headquarters, located on 6th Avenue, or Avenue of the Americas, as the tourists like to call it...and Roc was stationed nearby all day long on the Fourth. Throughout the day, News Corp put out and kept refilling a buffet full of food and desserts and offered all of it out to all their employees who were caught working on the Holiday. They then extended an invitation to Roc and his partner, and kept offering them a chance to get into some air conditioning throughout the day. Apparently, the company wanted to say THANKS to those first responders who take care of them and others in NYC.

Fox News Channel?
Sure, I've got an opinion.
I try to stay out of politics while on the blog, so I'll leave that up to you guys.
But offering to feed my husband on a ninety-degree day, and thanking him for his service?
I'm down with that.
No matter the politics; because in the end, we're all Americans.

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