Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Poppin' Off

Maybe it's the heat.
It's been hot as can be in NYC this week...add in a little humidity, a lot of sweat, a few thousand iced coffees...and anything can happen.
It's been poppin' off in SoB.
Yesterday, they closed the pool. The City Pool often gets closed because the residents in my husband's precinct get out of control, start fights, throw bottles, and then the police need to take control of the scene, which of course ruins it for everyone.
There's people jumping off of buildings and EDP's popping out of the woodwork. Kids congregating on the corners, roving bands of youngsters walking around steeped in the heat and frustration of the day.
My husband sweating bullets.
I think of him throughout the day and I wonder how many people consider the thirty pounds of extra gear he's carrying; all while being hurled insults from the people he's helping, the people he has sworn to serve.
I was crossing Times Square yesterday and saw a brother in blue; I smiled at him and gave him a look that I hope said Thanks. I sent a prayer up that someone else was doing the same for my husband, serving in another borough, miles away...worlds apart.

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