Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Poor Baby

I'm not sure if this story is more local to NYC or if it has hit the world at large, but there was a disgusting and heinous murder last week in Brooklyn, and I can't help but comment on it here.
A little boy named Leibby Kletzky was walking home from Summer Camp one day last week and got lost. Disoriented, the boy went and asked a member of his community to help him find his way home. I say a member of his community because Leibby was a member of a very closeted community in NYC: the Hasidic Community of Borough Park, Brooklyn.

This from the NY Post:

A Brooklyn man was arrested early today and charged with murder after he "panicked" and allegedly dismembered the body of an 8-year-old Hasidic boy -- then hid the parts in a Dumpster and placed the child's severed feet in his freezer, authorities said.

Police made the gruesome find after raiding a Kensington home and arresting 35-year-old Levi Aron, who led them to parts of missing boy Leibby Kletzky's body, stuffed in a red suitcase and hidden in a Dumpster outside an auto repair shop about two miles away, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said during a news conference this morning.
Police have arrested Levi Aron.

"This is every parent's nightmare," said Kelly. "We understand that. This is what makes this case so horrific."

They got the guy, and he's obviously one sick and evil individual.
I wish him the worst.
I can't stop thinking about that poor baby; confused and looking for help, only to meet his demise at the hands of a person who doesn't deserve to breathe.
I am a jaded New Yorker. I have lived here my entire life, and strange and bad things happen all the time in my city...but I will tell you this...I cried my eyes out over this one...my heart broke for the parents, and for the entire community. I am grateful and proud of the NYPD: once again, they got their guy. But it doesn't bring Leibby back. And that's why I am so affected.

May G-d Bless his family.


  1. I read about this. Just horrible. My thoughts and heart go out to his family and I'm very happy the NYPD got the guy responsible.

  2. The story continues to get worse as the police unravel the details...it is sickening...they are now digging up his backyard because they feel there might be other victims...it's truly horrific and even the Brooklyn DA looks weary in his press conferences...I guess we'll just have to see what happens next.


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