Monday, July 18, 2011


There was a takedown in the Bronx the other day. A reputed member of the Bloods gang (Yes, we have them here on the East Coast as well...) was shot while trying to shoot an undercover officer.

Thankfully, the gun "stovepiped" and the officer was able to get to his weapon in time. The above is a picture of the actual gun that jammed. Apparently, the angels were working overtime on behalf of the cop.

This child---17 years old---had previously served eight months of a one-year jail sentence for possession of a submachine gun.

Once again, there are a million questions circling this story: why was the kid already out of jail? Shouldn't possession of an assault weapon carry a greater charge? Also, why are all his fellow gangbangers and little friends harassing the cops? Don't they understand that if you live by the sword---and in this case, the gun---you die by the sword? Where were this kid's parents? Was it the system that failed? Or should we just be thankful that the cop is all right?

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