Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The Daily News is reporting that dozens of Bronx cops have launched an unauthorized slowdown of sorts: dramatically cutting the number of tickets they issue for moving violations.
For those of you not from the NYC area, there's been a ticket-fixing scandal going on, and it's especially pissing off the cops that have not been involved, as they seem to be under the microscope now more than ever.

"If a cop fails to write details of a traffic stop or forgot something from the stop, IAB will check the memo book and automatically dish out a 10-day rip (loss of vacation pay) and the cop has no say in the matter." A source from within the NYPD was quoted as saying.

I asked Roc if this was true, or to what extent it is true. He said that he's talked to cops who are just plain fed up. That what's going on is no way to motivate people.

My take on it is simple: when you have a cop, like my husband, that actually had to draw his weapon on three separate incidents last night---in one hundred degree heat---and was running all over the precinct so much that he never even got a chance to have a meal---think about it, is this the guy you want to micro-manage, and bust chops over a ticket?

I think the Brass needs to get its priorities in order. Crime is up, people, whether your stats are willing to show it...or not.

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