Saturday, September 17, 2011

Stockholm Syndrome

In Stockholm in 1973, a bank employee became romantically attached to a robber who held her hostage. Thus began the coining of the term: "Stockholm Syndrome." The dictionary defines SS as an emotional attachment to a captor formed by a hostage as a result of continuous stress, dependence, and a need to cooperate for survival.

I think my husband has a touch of this Syndrome.

He was supposed to have three days off this week---his regular rotation. They were not extra or special days, just his regular swing, and we had plans for this Sunday in particular, because it was the last weekend day he will have off for a while.

Of course, the NYPD had other plans for Roc: two details for two of the three days. And although I am upset, I get it. New York City is the Capital of the World; this week in particular we are hosting several big events, The UN General Assembly being one of the ones the world is watching.

What I'm less thrilled about is the idea that when he called to tell me this sucky news, he said: "Well, it could be worse, I know people who got worse details...BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH..."


Why isn't he more upset about the time they are taking away from him? His own time to wind down, relax, walk the dog, sleep in? Why was he seemingly making excuses for the NYPD's crashing of our weekend?

Could it be a little bit of Stockholm Syndrome? And I want to know: how many of your husbands pull the same crap when they get called in...making excuses for the management?

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