Monday, September 19, 2011


Perhaps Roc has the right idea: he doesn't get upset over things he can't control.
He got called in yesterday. It wasn't an option. Therefore he went. I have no less than a gazillion things to do on any given day I took care of business, and then made a pretty awesome meal for when he did finally darken the doorway last night.
It doesn't change the fact that I will never get that Sunday back: that perfect Autumn weather, the crisp air that lends you to walking outside, hand in hand, hearts entwined.
Perhaps he's right though...about salvaging what you can when it comes to a lost day...about finding a good moment when you can.


  1. Yep. He's got it right. You control ONLY what you do and what you say, both of which will influence (but not entirely control) what you feel. Embrace it. Live it. My life got SO MUCH EASIER when I did.

    My philosophy summarized: Do it, deal with it, go forward. Damn, I'm such a guy!

  2. Hey Suz:
    I am beginning to realize that control is an illusion...!
    :) Stella


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