Friday, November 4, 2011

Shoulda Known Better

Yesterday, I was watching Judge Judy while piling various apparatus in my gym bag and getting ready for work. I find Judge Judy to be quite funny; she's a sassy New Yorker who says the things we'd all love to say, and gets paid millions of dollars for doing so...therefore a smart broad...I say this in love.
The particular case she was presiding over had an incorrect or unfinished police report, and she turned to the Plaintiff and said, "Where did you get this? The detective you dealt with should have...etc, etc...let the North Hollywood Police know they're on notice."
More or less.
She's so snarky!
I thought of my friend, whose husband is with the LAPD. I laughed. What if it was him? Now that would be funny! I wasn't sure what precinct he pulled out of, so I texted my friend, a fellow Cop Wife.

I sent the text:
Is Monty@ N Hollywood Pct?
CW#2: No, why?
Me:Something funny on Judge Judy!
CW#2: LOL! U scared me. I thought something happened.

Now let me interrupt myself for one second right here: the second I sent the text, I realized that I probably scared her, and I kicked my own ass.

Me: I know, I thought of that rt after I sent the txt...what kind of CW am I?!?! Sorry Sister! XOXO
CW#2: LOL! Exactly! Don't scare me! I called Monty rt away. Haha. ;)

It was a quick and funny exchange, but it spoke volumes. If I were to ask my neighbor what IBM plant her husband works at, it would be no cause for alarm. Another friend whose husband works for a chain of stores would not even blink if I asked her what location he was at on a particular day. But us Cop Wives...we live a different life. And it shows, even in something so innocent, like a quick text to a friend.

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