Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another World

Not too far away from me---and let's face it, some days not far enough---there exists another world. This other world is known as The South Bronx, or as we like to affectionately call it: SoB. In this alternate universe, kids go missing on a somewhat regular basis, and there are often parents who cannot be pulled away from their PlayStation long enough to be questioned about the whereabouts of their child, step or otherwise.
So the siblings, each of which who sport a different last name, fill in the blanks for the police who stand waiting at the ready to help; often times the siblings are younger than the missing and therefore very little help at all. On Christmas Eve, my husband took a missing. As he began to get pieces of the story, it came out that the missing child had gotten into a fight with one of the siblings while at the local McDonald's.
Now here's the part I love the best: as Roc is relaying this potentially heartbreaking tale to me, my Italian heart and mind zeroes in on and then transfixes on the fact that these kids were about to have Mickey D's for Christmas Eve Dinner.
Mickey D's?!?! On Christmas Eve?!
Obviously, there are bigger issues at play here, but...really?
Perhaps all this family needs is a healthy dose of pasta and a homemade meal!
Set me loose: I will feed these kids so full there will be no energy left to fight with each other, and certainly not enough to get off the couch, much less run away and go missing!
Said with my tongue in cheek and my belly full, the good news is that the kid was found and returned to said parents.
Or is that the good news?

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