Thursday, December 29, 2011


I was perusing the Web this morning and I came across dozens of those end-of-the-year wrap-up type of lists that we all love to hate: Top 10 Celebrities You Would Most Want As Your Neighbor/The 5 Things Your Trainer Won't Tell You/Most Ridiculous Quotes of 2011.
I can go on, but being that it's December 29th, I'll spare you.
The point is that it got me thinking. What's the most heinous crime you heard about this year? And, in terms of crime, what exactly do you consider heinous? The NYPD just released their end-of-year crime statistics at a press conference yesterday. It seems that rape and sexual assaults are up in my fair city and both have been reported at a three to four percent increase in 2011. (Note to Ray Kelly: all crime is up in NYC) The Commissioner mused that perhaps these types of crimes are simply being reported more often. (Because crime can't possibly be going up)Perhaps.
That said, here's where my mind went: I think rape is a pretty disgusting and terrifying crime. But what is it that you think is the most heinous crime? I asked my Dad this question once, and he cited crimes by brutal dictators, like Saddam Hussein. I found this response interesting, as I was thinking more along the lines of sexually molesting a child. Then again, I saw a news story last night that told a story about two elderly people being duped and robbed, the burglars stealing the woman's wedding and engagement rings, along with all of her costume jewelry, and I thought that I would like to hang those scumbags. Perhaps it's all relative.
What say you? What do you think is the most heinous crime? What about your Cop?

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