Thursday, December 15, 2011

Last-Minute Gift Idea

A short while ago, I was asked to read and review this book for my blog. The author is a former NYPD Officer who now works with celebrities as a top security consultant.
It was a great yarn, and although it is fiction, it's filled with a whole lot of real-life details about what it's really like to be a cop in SoB. I would often stop reading the book and ask my husband, "Don't you work on Hoe Ave?"
Let's face it: Hoe Avenue? It stands out, people.
Throughout this read, there were a lot of times I was able to envision exactly what was going on because of the stories my husband has told me and the great detail the author used in describing the area, as well as the life of an NYPD Officer.
I thought the plot was engaging and I really loved the characters. It was a fast read and would make a great gift for a member of the NYPD or any LEO that's interested in the nitty gritty that goes on in the South Bronx.

You can get the book---or any of his books--at:

Or they are available on it out, he's worth the read.

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