Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Aftermath

In the aftermath of the tragic death of our brother Officer, Peter Figoski, there are five cretins in custody, and they have been remanded without bail to Rikers Island Correctional Facility.
Four of the five will be facing murder charges.

This from New York One:

Investigators say Pride (the main perp) had 10 prior arrests and an outstanding warrant for his arrest for his alleged involvement in the shooting of a man in North Carolina.

He was arrested several times in New York alone, most recently on drug charges in Brooklyn on November 3.

"This judge did not look at the complete history of this perp. A history of violent crime, a warrant in North Carolina. That alone was enough to remand this person to prison, and she chose to release him of his own recognizance. That means that he's allowed to go back out on the street and commit crimes," said Pat Lynch, PBA President.

I cannot concur more. Let me say this to the judge who allowed this career criminal freedom: SHAME ON YOU. I would like to offer out this scenario: How about you, Miss Justice, knock on the door of the four young girls who no longer have their father this Christmas and explain sentencing leniency?

What's done is done. The 7-5 Precinct in Brooklyn just lost a fine officer, four girls lost a father, and nothing can change that. I offer out my heart and my prayers for all those who will feel this loss; I urge everyone in the LEO Community to spread some kindness today to a Cop's Family...perhaps this cop's family...and know that at times like these, we all bleed blue.

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