Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Sad Day for the NYPD

Yesterday was a sad day for the NYPD. I was just beginning to get my day together yesterday morning when I got a text from a friend: Sorry about police officer. Since Roc was home with me, I didn't completely panic, but I hadn't checked the news yet. Once I did I found out about one of our own being shot and killed by yet another career criminal.
(Read: scumbag.)

Officer Peter Figoski was shot in the face early Monday.

Two years after he could have retired from police work with a full pension, Figoski was responding to a routine call — backing up other officers checking out a report of an apartment break-in in Brooklyn.

He was met by a fleeing suspect who shot the 22-year police veteran in the face and killed him, police said.

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Here's what bothered me the most: He was shot once at so close a range his collar brass flew off.
This man died (read: was murdered) two weeks before Christmas and leaves behind four daughters. My heart broke for this family when I heard the news and I know that I will be thinking of them over the Holidays, praying for some way for them to find peace in the midst of this awful tragedy.

In a totally unrelated story, a borough apart, a retired NYPD Officer shot and killed his wife in a heated domestic dispute. This is another seemingly senseless tragedy that her family will have to unravel throughout the holidays and beyond.

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Rest In Peace Officer Peter Figoski and Tracey Young.

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