Friday, January 6, 2012

Goodbye Tree

This weekend, I will need to De-Christmas my house. I am not only completely disinterested in doing this, I am actually sad, and would at this point rather put a roofing spike through my head than take down my tree.
It seems disloyal.
I know it sounds crazy. Perhaps I am off the rails, but let me just say this: when I saw naked trees discarded at the roadside while walking my dog yesterday, I felt a curl of sadness snake its way through my heart. These symbols of we just toss them aside when we are finished with them, forgetting the joy they brought to our home, our celebration, and our hearts? Do other people rejoice in the tearing down of things, the quick move to the next season? Is it just me who feels that the house looks empty and desolate as we pack away our cherished things? I mean, I get the fact that the tree is an inanimate object, but I think it speaks to a greater theme: how often do we get rid of things casually, when their use is through, and do we even consider the sea change that tumbles in our hearts?
As I painstakingly repack all my various treasures this weekend, I know I will recount Christmases Past and think ahead to Christmas Future. I may even pour myself a hot cocoa to feel the warmth of the season as it slowly departs my home.

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  1. I packed up my Christmas today and it also makes me sad. I helped my parents do their take-down yesterday and realized that I do so much of it just like my mom does. It was a nice moment as I was packing my ornaments to see that some traditions we don't even realize we have!


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