Wednesday, January 4, 2012


For those of you not familiar with the NYPD parlance: whenever anyone in the NYPD gets a break for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, they call it "meal." The reason why is because it can be any of the above.
Last night, Roc and I had a rare night off together. We went to use a Christmas gift certificate and when we got home he turned to me and asked, "So did you enjoy meal?"
"You mean my dinner?" I gave him a screwy look, and then we laughed.
I think he needs a few more days off!


  1. Love it! When we first started dating and talking on the phone it took about 2 weeks before I realized that "Stand by one" meant "hold on for a minute." I think the lingo is just a part of the whole cop-wife thing!

  2. Yes, I regularly ask him now if someone is a Perp---and that includes friends and relatives!
    :) Stella


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