Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What Should I Do If I'm Stopped by the POLICE?

I don't even know where to begin. The other day, Rocco comes home, hands me a pamphlet, and says: "Take a look at this."
Apparently, there is a State Assemblyman that serves a portion of the South Bronx that found it necessary to print out and distribute a leaflet with the above title. This handy-dandy perp manual offers fabulous advice, such as:
* Be polite and respectful.
* Never bad mouth a police officer.
* Ask for a lawyer immediately upon your arrest.
Okay so far, you say...
* If you feel your rights have been violated, file or call in a complaint with the Civilian Complaint Review Board at...

The tone continues, tilted toward those who already have a police bias. As if this wasn't enough, he goes on to say:

It's important however to note that most police officers are decent professionals who are committed to serving the community and conducting themselves as New York City's Finest. The big problem you face, however, is that you never know when the officer who stops you is a model cop, or one about to become a "rogue cop" at your pain. You may have to go along to get along.

I am quoting DIRECTLY from this piece of garbage.


THIS is the advice you have to give to your constituents?!
THIS is what you have to say to the people you are supposed to serve...?!

And Believe Me, I would love nothing more than to shout-out this so-called public servant here, now, and again and again----------be sure that the ONLY reason I am not revealing his name and office phone number is because it will then better reveal my husband's position while at work.

What I can say is this: Mr. Assemblyman: YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF.
How dare you! First of all, I somehow did not need this manual growing up: I knew what to do if I had the occasion to be stopped by the police...COMPLY. That being said, the general tone of this so-called guide is not helpful, it is an outrageous attempt to act as if he is being helpful, but it is a veiled attempt at saying to the people in this neighborhood, "I am on your side. The cops are not."

Which is exactly what the police serving this neighborhood do not need. They need to have a leader who encourages people to trust and respect the law enforcement officers who are assigned to these tough neighborhoods. They need to have an opportunity to make a difference; not to be judged immediately because they are... blue.

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