Tuesday, January 17, 2012


For those of you who might be wondering where I've been...I've been healing. An unfortunate side effect of the business that I'm in is that we sometimes get injured. I managed to sustain an overuse injury in my left foot, and after months of hoping and praying it would just go away, then being misdiagnosed, I finally ended up at the Ambulatory Surgery Unit of my local hospital yesterday morning. I got some screws put in, a sexy little boot to wear, and a handful of pain meds.
If you would have asked me last night how I was doing, I would have told you fine. As fine as could be expected. Until about 4:30 AM, when the pain meds suddenly wore off, and I passed out in the bathroom while reaching for the Advil, since I had left the pain meds three floors down and didn't want to wake up Roc. I managed to wake him up anyway, by falling into the counter, knocking over the garbage, and basically sprawling out on the floor.
Fun, huh?
I am writing this post because here's the proof positive that I am a Cop's Wife: all I kept thinking about is who the hell would want to be on these drugs?! My husband works in a world where people will steal, rob, maim, and sometimes even kill for the little white pills I have on my table. Really? So far I am just woozy, cranky, and my stomach is doing backflips. I can't wait to be off these meds and I am grateful that this is just a temporary situation. I guess, even in the midst of this annoying injury, that I am lucky. Better yet...I'm blessed.


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