Friday, January 20, 2012

Wish List

I wish my foot was done healing, that this dull ache would go away and that I could almost forget the trauma.
I wish I could lay off all the drugs.
I wish I didn't have to wear the ever-fashionable bootie.
I wish I wasn't worried about slipping and falling in snow or ice when I have to take out my dog.
I wish I could walk my dog.
I wish I could run and jump and play with my dog.
I wish my husband had a normal job so that I didn't have to take care of so much stuff on my own.
I wish people who I haven't heard from in months would stop calling me with sudden concern about my well-being.
I wish licorice had no calories.
I wish pizza had no calories.
I wish I didn't feel sorry for myself.
I wish I didn't see the scar yesterday when the Doc took off the bandage.
I wish my mind would stop telling me how lucky I am when so-and-so is dealing with so much more.
I wish I could focus on those people who are going through so much more.
I wish I would shut up.

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