Thursday, January 26, 2012

Silent Epidemic: Part Two

There was another suicide within the NYPD this past week: a rookie cop who had just graduated from the Academy in December took his own life after fleeing a crash less than a mile from his Westchester County home. The NYPD grapevine was buzzing, because he was so new; a Bronx cop with a bright future. Apparently, the crash was DWI-related, and this young officer felt that ending his life would be a better resolution than facing the consequences. Of course, the same questions need to be asked here too: how the hell did he make it through the psychological testing? Did the NYPD send the usual contingency to his burial? How come I heard about this first through alternative news sources, and not the regular NYC suspects, like the Times, the Daily News, or the Post? What about his family?
Since he was so new---just a few weeks "on the job"---in all likelihood, there is no partner to inquire to; it seems like a senseless case of panic, and my heart breaks for this family.
My sincere hope is that they will find peace in time.

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