Friday, January 27, 2012

A Cop's Kid

Just this week, Dr. Phil had a raging teenager on his show...the title of the show:
She was a cop's kid.
Remember the guy you were friends with in high school whose father was a police officer? Depending on where you grew up, that might have been a cool thing...or perhaps not. Maybe you were on the wrong side of the law and you avoided that kid and his Dad like the plague.
If you are considered a Legacy (parent having served with the NYPD)the NYPD will give you five to ten points right at the start of your initial exam. That's a five-point lead if you are or were a Cop's Kid.
Perhaps you are raising a Cop's Kid right now.
This week, the NYPD's Top Cop---Commissioner Ray Kelly---was under fire because his kid has become the subject of a sexual assault probe in NYC. The double whammy is that Greg Kelly is famous in his own right; he is a well-known news anchor on the local Fox affiliate. The coverage on this has been spotty thus far; yet we all know how the Media loves to skewer their own. As of now, Greg Kelly has strenuously denied any wrongdoing, and is cooperating fully with the DA's office, as the case was handed to their investigators, rather than the NYPD. It was a wise move, as the NYPD and Ray Kelly cannot allow for even the appearance of impropriety.
The news on this is still unfolding, and I'm sure all New Yorkers will stay tuned. I will say just this: that is one Cop's Kid I would not want to be right now.

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