Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another Brother

Another NYPD Officer was shot yesterday. Depending on where you live, you may not have heard of it. Even here it was merely a blip on the radar screen, as last night's news lead with an emergency landing at Newark Airport, an 8-year-old shot in the Bronx, and a school shooting in Ohio.
This one hit close to home, however...and it underscores the real fear us Cop Wives go through on a daily basis; I hope it also highlights the sisterhood.
About one yesterday afternoon, my friend Brianna texted me: My sister's soon to be husband was shot and his gun belt deflected the bullet!!! Holy SH*T Stella! It's so scary! He is fine but My God my heart stopped for a minute...
I picked up the phone. This was no time for text. She picked up and I said, "How's your sister?" She told me that she was okay; she had called because she didn't want everyone to see it on the News and panic. Apparently, her fiance Tom had been shot at, but because he had an extra magazine strapped to his gun belt, that took the hit, and he was not wounded.
"If it had been up an inch it would have been in the officer's body. It was a fully loaded 9mm," said Commissioner Kelly as he showed a picture of the two ammunition magazines that Officer Richards was wearing at the time of the shooting, one of them with a visible dent where the 9mm struck the metal.
Ray Kelly goes on to say it was another thankful miracle, and he's right...but I liked what Pat Lynch had to say a hell of a lot better: "We are 7000 police officers short. We need help and we need it now," said Lynch in a plea for more funding to keep cops on the streets of New York.
And here's a quote directly from the heart of Stella, your favorite blogger: We need to sweep the streets. NOW. We need to apply pressure, and make it hard for those who want to shoot cops to get their fat little fingers on those illegal handguns that are flooding our NYC neighborhoods. We need to forget and ignore those overly vocal community activists for a little bit; press hard on those who are known drug dealers, and bring in a little strength in numbers for a time...think of it this way...if we make it harder for the criminals to do business, we might actually make it easier on the cops.
In case you were wondering, the shooter has nine prior arrests. Are you surprised?


  1. AMEN STELLA!!!! I agree we need to sweep these streets of criminals. Guns are so available to these low lifes its unreal. Thank God Tom is okay. Very very scary..Everytime I heard the story yesterday i just kept thinking "My God..that was really really close"!!!
    Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.. My family really appreciates it..and I really appreciate you!!!

  2. We are ALL in this together...sending love to the family...XO Stella


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