Monday, February 27, 2012

Normal People

We are not normal people.
They're out there---normal people---and I am convinced they exist, even though there is much evidence to the contrary. These normal people have set times to eat, and sleep, and even see each other throughout the week.
When you tell a normal person a story and she would like to share it with her significant other, they probably share stories each night over dinner, like normal people are wont to do. Know that if you tell me something that I am supposed to share, there are many times I will not see my husband for the next 48-72 hours. I won't forget; I promise. I just won't get a chance to tell him right away. Only normal people get a chance to do that.
Normal people have schedules, and most times, if one person's schedule doesn't make the other one want to pull out their hair and commit hara-kiri. We are not normal; if Roc has a court day, that can sometimes throw off my whole schedule, and whatever plans I had for the morning. I have become an expert juggler.
Do normal people eat dinner at 9pm, and breakfast at 11am on a weekday?
Do normal people wonder about the rest of us the way I wonder about them?
Look, there are many times I am glad I am not normal...we make our own way, our own rules... and we generally find the time we need to be together.
But some days...the word normal seems rather...nice.

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