Wednesday, February 22, 2012


My Blogroll is not immense; it is in fact sparse, and if you've checked it at all, you've probably wondered why I haven't listed myself as following your particular blog, even though sometimes I might visit there. I began doing that, and then...I just never finished it. No excuse. You might notice I check in and comment on various blogs regardless of my lackluster list.

I want to tell you about a blog I just found out about; it's a friend from my acting class, who has developed a blog that was inspired by an image of the World Trade Center entitled Dawn Over Liberty. It's a great collection of stories about the World Trade Center from before 9/11. It speaks directly to the Native New Yorker...but it also speaks to the heart of all Americans, and perhaps those who have only visited one time might find they have a story to share.

Check it out at:

And if you'd like to contribute:

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