Tuesday, February 21, 2012


"So what do you think they should do to get the guns off the streets?" I was still ranting about the whole Michael Bloomberg statement, frustrated with the idea that our elected leaders just don't get it, and the general public gets it even less.
"Well, first of all...the gun buy-back program has got to be for more money."
"How much do they pay out when they do that now?"
"A hundred dollars."
"Really?" I was surprised.
"Yeah, it's got to be at least five hundred bucks in order to entice people."
"And then...?" I looked over at him.
"And then they've got to actually let us police the streets a little." He shakes his head. "Everybody's so friggin worried about what people will say...the media...the fact that these people video everything..."
"I think you would make a great Police Commissioner." I smiled and gave him a kiss.

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