Sunday, February 19, 2012

Looking Back

This is totally off-topic, but since I have now and again posted about my intense love of all things soul music...I figured I would be remiss if in fact I did not share these thoughts with you.
They laid Whitney Houston to rest today, in nearby Newark, New Jersey. They televised her funeral and my favorite R&B Station broadcasted the entire service live.
I think I spent so much time being angry with her that I forgot how much I liked her; how much I loved her voice; how many times I was soothed by her smooth vocal renditions of so many modern-day classics.
It's terribly easy for me to fall into anger and dismiss someone like Whitney Houston: I hate drugs and I especially hate what they do to people. I was a long-time casualty of the War on Drugs, and I worked and strived and scratched and clawed my way to a new life; one where I could make every decision my own, and not be subjected to living with a violent and intoxicated individual. I held on to anger for a long time, especially where my mother was concerned, because I had such high expectations of her and I simply couldn't believe what she allowed.
I expected better of her.
I expected better of Miss Houston.
Today I was reminded that we are all fighting our own fight. We are blessed with certain gifts and particular struggles. I found myself softening as I listened to all the tributes, and I thought that one day...I will enjoy the sound of her amazing voice once again.
Rest In Peace, Whitney.

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