Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Houston, We Have a Problem...

Queens police officer is fourth NYPD suicide this year - NYPOST.com

Or...NEW YORK...we definitely have a problem here.

Part of the reason I started this blog was to create an opportunity for Police Officer's Wives to connect, and vent, and share the stories that bind us all together; those things that non-LEO Families just don't get...those inside jokes that only the significant other truly understands.

On this Valentine's Day, I am asking you to send love to this family and fellow officers throughout the land. Perhaps an extra hug and a kiss for your loved one; maybe some of you will be influenced to drop some baked goods off at your local police precinct. (Believe me, those guys will eat anything!) Either way, let someone know you care. It can't hurt.

And in the meantime...NYPD BRASS: Something smells. Big-time. And it's time to address it, and support your officers, and reach out to those on the front lines.
Because they are your biggest asset. Let's stop being afraid of the repercussions: real or imagined. It's time to "MAN UP" and stop worrying about numbers, and outcomes, and what the press will say. Trust me, they're going to talk about you either way. Let's let them talk about something good for a change.


  1. How sad to hear that. I will say an extra prayer. Your posts had me thinking and talking to my husband (he just started training for our State Law Enforcement division). I think they should look hard at what type of EAP they have. 4 suicides in 1 month is a lot. I also wonder how many were in during 9/11 could that be a factor?

  2. The NYPD's Employee Assistance Program is called POPPA: Police Organization Providing Peer Assistance...I am going to post some info about them today.
    I can't speak to how many of these officers served over 9/11 and if that was a factor (PTSD, etc.) but I do know that being with the NYPD is one of the most stressful jobs in the world and that CRIME IS UP...no matter how much the City would like to pretend that it is not...
    SCW Stella


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