Monday, February 13, 2012


The one thing I really did not want Roc to do when he became a cop was get into the Narcotics Division. I presented my case in such a way that he wholeheartedly agreed with me. I didn't even have to launch into my endless diatribe about how I had the unfortunate luck to grow up living with a drug addict; that they were by nature unpredictable, and that the drugs would always put him at a disadvantage. He got it, right away, and agreed with me.
What's funny is that he deals with intoxicated people all the time. It is also not funny. If I had to put a random number to it, I would say that Roc interacts with people that are high on some sort of drug about eighty percent of the time that he's on patrol.
I realize that if your significant other serves in a more rural or suburban area that the statistics may not be the same; the numbers might be skewed more towards the average law-abiding citizen. But where Roc is stationed it's another world. Often times a drug-infested world.
When Whitney Houston passed this weekend, I couldn't help but write a little bit about it on the SCW Facebook page. If you'd like to read what I wrote, hop on over to Facebook and feel free to join the group while you're there. What I wrote is the unvarnished truth about how I feel; I was not shocked by her demise.
Some are saying she was found with Xanax in her system, and that there were prescription pill bottles found in her hotel room post-mortem. So what? They're still drugs. Just because they are prescription does not make them any less dangerous. Drugs that may have very little affect on someone who does not have a prior addiction, but for a woman who has admitted to battling with drugs...when do we learn the lethal lesson of drugs, or alcohol mixed with drugs? How many people have to die before we finally say ENOUGH?!

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