Monday, April 23, 2012

My Turn

I didn't want this
But you felt a certain something
that said
if you miss this boat
there might not be another
so I anchored
my heart to yours and
I swam the depths
the hard parts, all of them
shots fired
and I realize
that there are days when
I really do deserve a prize
even though you're the hero
shots fired
and I don't mind
so long as you
come home
come back
walk in
kiss me
and tell me that there's going to come a day when we'll look back and laugh and you'll have no regrets and you'll look at me and say you couldn't have done it without me
no way
no how
and I will feel it all worthwhile...
your hand in mine
our destiny intertwined
shot to the heart
fire in my soul
your head on my shoulder
war stories
battle wounds
scars, for both of us
in the midst
of a peace
that we did it
in the end
we'll know
and that will be all
that matters.

This one was...written by me.


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