Monday, May 14, 2012

CSI: New York

If you're married to a cop, you know that watching just about any kind of cop drama or detective show on television can sometimes be more than a little bit nerve-wracking: at regular three-minute intervals you can generally hear loud protestations from the other side of the couch.
"That's ridiculous! We would never do that!"
"Come on, why would you let the perp...?!"
"That's not a real radio call." the case of almost every show ever written about the NYPD...
"We don't have a 2-2 Precinct."
Mine is probably no worse than yours. And I totally get it; I have a hard-on for Jillian Michaels something fierce. I don't know one trainer who acts like that in real life. I often have to remind myself that it's television while watching just about anything about personal training or group exercise.
That said, I was home, hugging the couch this Friday night when I decided to tune into CSI: NY. This particular show is one of the ones I watch intermittently; when I see it, I see it. I can generally follow the plot, and catch up where I might have missed something. So I grabbed a hot cup of tea, threw a pillow between my knees, curled up with Puppy Girl, and lounged out.
Oh boy.
It was the Season Finale, and it was emotional. Mac (the lead CSI detective) was shot by a drug-crazed lunatic who tried to bump off a pharmacy. Side note: not sure if this made the national news, but there was a very horrific recent incident at a pharmacy on Long Island, and I immediately felt that the plot was trying to mirror the story of these two shameful tweekers that murdered several innocent people for prescription drugs. Either way, it was difficult to see this NYPD Icon be shot in the back.
This yoga instructor forgot to breathe for at least a minute.
As the story moved on, I began texting Roc. Reflex, I guess.
But here's what else managed to jump out at me: that the NYPD depicted in this show really rallied behind their fallen member; every single resource was brought to bear, and the entire force was moved to apprehend the scumbag who dared to do this to one of their own.
And I felt comforted by this, because I knew that no matter what gripes I might have with the NYPD on any given day, I knew that this would be true. The truth is that this episode resonated with me, and I felt reassured to know that if God Forbid Roc was ever hurt or worse...that the NYPD would rally the troops and that I could count on that.
Soon after a text came back:
OK, Miss you, XO

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  1. My boyfriend HATES most cop shows. It's a pain to watch them with him because he complains about everything and not inaccurate/ridiculous it is :). Only show he's tolerated is Blue Bloods.


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