Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Great New Voice

There's a great new voice in pop music and her name is Heather Powell. Full disclosure: Heather is a friend and I know her well; however, that does nothing to diminish the honestly with which I come to you today.
Heather Powell is an anomaly in today's music world: a talented singer who can actually read music. She's got a voice that will stop a clock---or at least your heart---and she's written every single one of the songs on this release, with the exception of a fabulous cover tune of a Duran Duran favorite.
She's the real deal.
The reason I am plugging her today is not just so I can hawk my friend's wares; but because Heather is a veteran of the US Army. I happen to know a good handful of cops that served their country in the Armed Services and then come home to serve stateside as Police Officers; there are in fact a handful of cops from Roc's precinct that are serving and away overseas right now. 
For those of us who have served or know someone who has served: you MUST, at the very least, download Track number ELEVEN. The song is called "The Long Gray Line," and it speaks to so much of what our military families go through; I declare it will be an instant classic with those who have a heart for the American Military. I was moved to tears the first time I listened to it and I could in fact even relate the lyrics to my cop; it's about having a calling, and coming home safe.
Check it out...pass it on...she's available on Itunes, Amazon, and cdbaby. And trust me, you're gonna love it.

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