Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Last Dance

This falls under totally off-topic for most Cop's Wives, but I would feel remiss not commenting on a topic and a person that touched both my heart and my life in such a profound way: I just found out that Donna Summer has died. This woman was a part of the soundtrack of my childhood. Growing up right outside of New York City in the Studio 54 Era, hearing Donna Summer On The Radio was like a daily staple. I was lucky enough to get to see her live in concert as an adult, and even though I dragged Roc along, even he had to admit that she was fabulous. At our wedding, we insisted that the DJ play Last Dance for our final song, and it was a hell of an encore. Like so many black artists of late, she is gone too soon, but since she was not the author of her own demise, I feel love wrapped up in the loss; sadness and gratitude. It's funny; Roc and I had some precious time off alone together today. When we found out I looked to him and said, "My StepMom's probably like, Oh My God, what are you doing here?" I cried and he smiled. Rest in Peace, Queen of Disco, and while you're at it, sing a little song for my StepMom. She loved your music.

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