Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Anniversary SCW!

Two years ago today, I decided to put my thoughts out to an audience that I knew was out there...Cop's Wives like me, who weren't always sure of how to navigate the Cop Wife Life. I thought maybe I'd find someone like myself, having a sometimes tough transition, a woman who didn't marry a police officer, but then saw her life turned upside down and backwards by the demands of the job.
I found all that and then some. Through this blog, I've met other LEOW's and some LEO's who like to read and comment about the issues of the day. I've met a good handful of Military Wives. I've emailed off-blog to other writers, people who I ended up meeting in person...hell, out of this I've even developed a stage show that tells a story from the perspective of a Cop's Wife.
It's been a great ride. Thanks for reading. Hope to see you at the Show.

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