Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What Can I Do...?

Whenever a friend of mine is throwing a Big Party, I always ask: What can I do?
I've been hearing from some of you that can't make the Show, and are asking if there's anything else you can do in lieu of attending.
1)Pray for me: this has been a HUGE undertaking, and Team Stella has been working themselves into the ground!!
          2)Go "LIKE" The Show Page on FaceBook if you haven't already! You'll find it at:                      
          3)You can vote in my Blog contest! See the info below or to the right...
          4)Become a Blog Follower.
          5)Tell someone about the SCW Live Show; even if you don't live in the NYC area...there's always a chance this Show can travel to your group in the future.

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