Tuesday, July 17, 2012

No Rest for the Weary

I used to have a job where I had sick days, personal days, vacation days, and travel days. It was a great job for a long time, but then I got tired of sitting at a desk, and I decided that I wanted to write and pursue Fitness as a full-time job.
In terms of my Fitness job: I now have none of the above.
It comes down to this: You work, you get paid.
You don't...you don't.
If I want to take a day off, I have to budget for it. Sometimes I'll fill in for someone else the same week, so it evens out my check and there's no harm/no foul. Sometimes I'm not able to do that. You take the work when it comes and you learn to make adjustments accordingly.
Yesterday you might have been jealous of my schedule: I woke up early, trained two clients, ran home and did some stuff around the house. Then I went to the pool for a couple of hours and then ran back home to get ready for my last client. Not too shabby for a Summer Monday.
Today I guarantee you would not want to trade places with me. I woke up with a vicious pain in my upper back, left side, my trapezius/upper back area feeling a lot of strain. I just ate some breakfast, followed with Advil, and I can't imagine how I am going to lift a weight today, much less teach a class.
Wish me luck.


  1. I hope you hit the foam roller! I haven't caught what class you teach, but lift lower body. Hope it's just a kink and works out quickly!

  2. I taught my class with very light weights or did some demos with none at all; I added in several back stretches and I did feel better when it was over...if I am still feeling it tomorrow, I promise to hit the foam roller.
    :) Stella


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